Sunday, November 21, 2010

Help me, Alec Guinness! You're my only hope!

Today's bread has Guinness in it and since Star Wars is the only thing I've seen that has Sir Alec Guinness in it, today's post is Star Wars themed.

#14 Guinness and Molasses Bread

So today I tasted my first was ok.

I had to do some internet searching to complete this recipe.  The instruction "tip the dough out onto your floured counter an shape into a ball, then flatten and roll up" had me a little confused since this was the first time I had encountered rolling a dough up.  This site was very helpful:

This is the bread you're looking for.

The bread tasted nice.  Just the smallest hint of both the Guinness and the molasses.  Tasted very nice with a little bit of buttery spread on it.  I am going to be making this bread again since there is a recipe in my book that calls for this one.

Something sweet for you...

May the force be with you.


  1. ok, first off i forgot the magazine when i left my house, so expect the recipes in the mail sometime after thanksgiving, secondly... your first Guinness should have been out of a tap, not out of a bottle. They are not the same and if someone tells you they are, then they'd probably tell you that a krispy kreme and a dukin donut taste the same too. Try one off the tap, youll be surprised... it tastes amazing.

  2. can you send me some? (the bread not the guiness b/c i dont like it, even from the tap) or make more after dec 14th so that i can try it?

  3. p.s
    love the video :-)enjoy your bread wars