Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Like A Cranberry Christmas (New England Cranberry Duff)


Just before Christmas and I've been trying out some recipes for my family Christmas. I can't wait to see them and have a lovely little North Carolina Christmas.

I've been craving cranberries since Thanksgiving so bought a bag recently. Then I went in search of a recipe for them. Here's the first of 2 I tried: New England Cranberry Duff. Thanks, Martha!

I did change the recipe a little (of course I did). I subbed Earth Balance Original for unsalted butter and since it is pretty salty I used a little less salt than called for.

Cranberry Duff, as it turns out, is an upside down cake so there were a few moments of worry when I attempted to flip my beautiful smelling dessert.



It got a little stuck, but for the most part remained intact. I was a little worried when I had to stand over it for about 4 minutes waiting for it to separate from the baking dish.

So it smelled great and since the recipe said to serve warm, I dove in. It tasted great! A little sweet for me (I'm guessing because of the sugar sprinkled over the cranberries and pecans before the batter) but I'm betting people with a sweet tooth would be pretty darn happy with it.

I'm making this for my family next week and I think I'll use more cranberries so that it looks more like Martha's (and because I love cranberries) and lighten up a little on the sugar. Luckily, my family are used to being my test subjects.

After a stressful year, I'm just going to be happy to spend time with loved ones.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Baking with Style

I've missed baking something fierce lately, but unfortunately it's too hot to bake in my apartment in the summer and now that winter is coming, I'm moving. I'm still hoping to get a few loaves in before I move, but until then I have found this fun baking video. Just imagine that I look this cool when I'm baking.