Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Apple (and Pear) Pie Gang

So the Braided White Bread from Thanksgiving was a big hit and after a busy busy day of selling books yesterday, I am rested enough to bake again.

Today, I made my first pie.

and my second...

Apple and Pear Pie.  It should have been Apple and Pear Pie with Fruit Sauce but the fruit sauce was made with raspberries and I cannot stand raspberries or raspberry flavor at all.  Plus, it's not raspberry season.

This was probably my most frustrating day of baking since I started this experiment.  The recipe called for a 12 inch pie plate and all I had was three 9 inch plates.  I considered just making one pie and just lessening the amount of apples and pears and if I had excess just making a little tart or something, but against my better judgement I tried to make two 9 inch pies.  The result?  One pie with no top.

A quote from the movie that inspired this post title:
Amos Tucker: How much money do you figure that dude's got in front of him? 
Theodore Ogelvie: About five hundred. 
Amos Tucker: Five hundred? Wow! You know, that'll be, uh, that's two hundred apiece! 

How appropriate...They turned out better than I thought they would when I was putting them in the oven.  And they taste divine.

I do not enjoy rolling out dough at all.  That's just a fact I thought I'd share.

By the way, today's mentioned movie was The Apple Dumpling Gang starring Tim Conway and the late, great Don Knotts.  I used to watch this a lot as a kid.

Happy Trails, readers!

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