Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Like A Cranberry Christmas (New England Cranberry Duff)


Just before Christmas and I've been trying out some recipes for my family Christmas. I can't wait to see them and have a lovely little North Carolina Christmas.

I've been craving cranberries since Thanksgiving so bought a bag recently. Then I went in search of a recipe for them. Here's the first of 2 I tried: New England Cranberry Duff. Thanks, Martha!

I did change the recipe a little (of course I did). I subbed Earth Balance Original for unsalted butter and since it is pretty salty I used a little less salt than called for.

Cranberry Duff, as it turns out, is an upside down cake so there were a few moments of worry when I attempted to flip my beautiful smelling dessert.



It got a little stuck, but for the most part remained intact. I was a little worried when I had to stand over it for about 4 minutes waiting for it to separate from the baking dish.

So it smelled great and since the recipe said to serve warm, I dove in. It tasted great! A little sweet for me (I'm guessing because of the sugar sprinkled over the cranberries and pecans before the batter) but I'm betting people with a sweet tooth would be pretty darn happy with it.

I'm making this for my family next week and I think I'll use more cranberries so that it looks more like Martha's (and because I love cranberries) and lighten up a little on the sugar. Luckily, my family are used to being my test subjects.

After a stressful year, I'm just going to be happy to spend time with loved ones.