Friday, December 3, 2010

Basil and Olive the other reindeer...

A little holiday cheer with your bread?  Sure!

So, this bread doesn't have anything to do with Christmas or anything, except that I listened to a couple of Christmas songs while working on it.

#16 Basil and Olive Focaccia

2nd Italian bread tonight!

I hadn't baked anything since last weekend, so I decided to do something that I had all the ingredients for already.  The recipe actually called for pitted whole olives, but I had sliced olives so I used what I had.  I did have some difficulty with mixing olives and basil into bread dough, but everything turned out pretty well.  Bonus:  this recipe is dairy-free!

You know Dasher and Dancer and get it, right?  Do you recall this one?

One weird thing happened, though.  The olives and basil worked their way from the inside of the dough to the outside during the rising process.  Not sure how to fix that, but I'll look in to it.  This bread is delicious and I'm probably going to be making it again.

Maybe I could have this bread with a side of reindeer.

Ok, really, I just tried to find a video of Rudolph and I stumbled upon this video.

Well, Gotta fly!

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