Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Post About Nothing (This post title is false)

Thanks to a show about nothing I have an awesome video today.

#55 Rye with Caraway

Dear Jerry, 
This rye is not marbled, but maybe you'll like it.
Love, K

I baked this bread yesterday, but I had to go to work last night so I didn't get to post it.

This was an overnight bread.  I started with rye flour, white bread flour, yeast and water.  It needed 10-12 hours to rise.  In the morning I added salt, butter, more of each flour, a little more water and caraway seeds.

In case you're not familiar, here's some caraway seeds:

Yum!  (Ok, you wouldn't just eat these, but the flavor in baked goods is pretty great.)

According to Mr. Hollywood (author, 100 Great Breads), "This loaf you love or you hate, mainly because of the caraway seeds."

Pretty easy to make, it just takes a while.  Here's the final product:

I liked this bread.  It was yummy!  I did already know that I loved rye bread so liking this wasn't a big surprise.  I ate this plain.  Just sliced and ate.  It might be good toasted with cream cheese.  Mr. Hollywood recommends eating it warm with smoked salmon.

That was something...and it didn't cost anybody $50.

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