Monday, August 22, 2011

Let it Brie

This one was pretty spectacular...and by spectacular I mean a spectacular failure.

#60 Brie and Brioche Packages

I love making brioche dough and I love how brioche tastes...I love brioche!  The dough was completely fine with recipe.  The problem came with the baking.

The only thing I did obviously wrong was that though the recipe called for 9oz of Brie and the largest I could find was 8oz so I went with that.

Otherwise, I followed all the instructions.

Here's the final product uncut:

It wasn't supposed to crack like that.

Here's what it should have looked like cut:

Mmmm...gooey and cheesy.

Here's mine cut:

Not gooey...until...

About an hour later when this happened.

The dough wasn't cooked but the heat from the baking caused it to continue rising after it was out of the oven.  The cheese started melting as well.

I had taken a piece of excess dough and made a tiny little loaf which I later enjoyed with a little of the Brie.

This was a huge disaster!  And I will not be re-attempting the recipe.  I think the problem was just too much dough.  The cheese was still really cold and hard and of course the dough wasn't cooked on the bottom.

I leave you with The Beatles...

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