Monday, August 15, 2011

I would do anything for loaf...

...but I won't do that.

#57 Ricotta and Chive Loaf

I made this loaf a few days ago.  It was a pretty easy loaf to make mostly because the things that were mixed in (ricotta and chives) were mixed in at the beginning instead of halfway through the rising process.

This bread smelled so great while it was rising and even better while it was baking.  I was a little concerned about the baking process because the cheese made the dough very wet.  I left the bread in the oven a little longer than I was comfortable with to make sure that there was no gooey-ness in the middle.

The bread turned out so well!  I love this bread!  Amazing flavor, great toasted and fresh from the oven!

The next morning, I ate a bacon and egg sandwich on toasted slices of this bread.  It was amazing!  Bacon and this bread are a match made in heaven.  Speaking of bacon here's a meatloaf recipe from Nigella Lawson that I consider to be a vegetarian nightmare (wrapped in bacon), but something that I'd like to make someday.


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