Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Je te plumerai la tête...

"Je te plumerai la tête.  Et la tête (et la tête).  Alouette (Alouette)."

Everybody!  "OOOOOH!"

#22 Brioche Têtes!

It's been so long...I've missed baking, but life has been working against me lately.  Today's bread was an overnighter.  And I ended up having to let it chill (literally, in the fridge as per the recipe) longer than overnight.  In fact it chilled until this afternoon.

While I was waiting for the dough to rise in my awesome homemade (since I'm not a very good planner) muffin papers (pictured below with the têtes inside).  I whipped up my first ever batch of guacamole, which was AMAZING!  I also almost cut the tip of my thumb off.  I tried to photograph the damage but my sad, little camera apparently can't focus on a digit.  Let's just say my nail is a little shorter than it used to be.

Back to the bread.  Here's the dough before baking.  They're kinda like little snowmen...kinda.

Aren't they cute?  Once they went into the oven, things were pretty good (I finally got an oven thermometer and, boy, was that helpful) until I did a little toothpick check when they were supposed to be done.  They were definitely not, so I cracked the oven and left them in for another 3 minutes and the result was wonderful!

Finished product.

They tasted so great and the make-shift muffin papers were so effective that I will definitely use the same technique next time.

The little têtes kinda slid to the side on some of them, which had me a little sad...until I googled brioche and found this lovely painting by Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin:

"Stilleben mit Brioche" 1763

One last little historical fun fact:  The quote commonly attributed to Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake", is actually the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" which appeared in a writing that was finished when M.A. was a child.

In case you're still reading and you don't have "Alouette" stuck in your head I leave you with this:

Au revoir!

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  1. This song is almost as bad as Ring Around the Rosie or London Bridge is Falling Down.... :-D