Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't worry, I thought the whole apricot/honey thing was the real low point.

So today we try....

#24 Apricot Brioche

I've been working on this bread since last night.  Those cute little French people like their bread to chill overnight.  As much as I hate rolling out dough to cut it, that is how much I love rolling dough into little balls for brioche.  I mean, how cute are these?

As I am writing this the brioche is in the oven.  I am sincerely hoping that it turns out properly, since there is a beautiful picture in my book of this bread.


I had never eaten an apricot before today.  This recipe calls for dried apricots.  I tried one as I was chopping them, but it didn't really taste of anything.  I had to dice them (sticky, not fun) and then fold them into each of the little balls of dough (sort of fun).  Also the recipe called for a whole cup, but I maybe used 1/2 because each ball was pretty full, hopefully this will not cause some sort of apricot disaster a lá Notting Hill.  You'll have to watch the movie if you haven't...

Finished product:

This is my attempt to slice my little loaf.  This one was the most like the good(pro) one of my two loaves.  If you'll refer to the professional baker's work you'll see that something has gone a little wrong with mine.  It did not form into one solid loaf with the apricots in the middle.  I have little apricot rolls.  The bread part tastes alright (not as good as the Brioche Têtes), and the apricots still didn't have a taste.  I may have found the most useless fruit ever.  Moral of the story:  I may make this again without the apricots and let it rise longer to try and let the balls grow together.


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