Saturday, February 12, 2011

6 degrees of Kevin Bacon Fougasse

I was looking for a Few Good breads and I found...

#25 Onion and Bacon Fougasse

A quarter of the way through!

Today I am Footloose and fancy free!  It's a Picture Perfect day!

This post is Kevin Bacon themed, partially because there is bacon in the recipe and partly because he and I share a birthday!

As I am a multi-tasker I am currently watching the inspiration for this blog, Julie & Julia, and listening to the Bacon Brothers.

Back to the bread...This is the first French bread that seems to have gone well.  The only problem was that the finished product was not all cute and thin like it was supposed to be but kind of puffy.  I'm going to try this one again and see if I can fix the fat-ness.  Paul Hollywood described it as a "traditional French bread, flat and leaf-shaped, very much like the focaccia of Italy."  It also suggests changing the flavors.  So I may try it with bell peppers or basil since those are some of my favorite flavors.

The bread tastes divine.  Even if I had to trade regular, American bacon for the Canadian bacon the recipe called for.  My grocery store does not carry Canadian bacon...losers.  On the plus side, this recipe is dairy-free!  I can't believe I've made it this far in my experiment, but the hard stuff is going to be coming up soon.

In case you were counting there were four Kevin Bacon movie references in the post.  If anyone can think of a Kevin Bacon/bread pun, please comment.  I'm kind of a huge pun nerd.

Here's a pretty great Bacon Brothers song for your enjoyment.

As Mr. Bacon says in Apollo 13, "So long, Earth.  Catch you on the flip side".

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