Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Cheese Straw Girls

My grandmother is visiting and today we enjoyed my newest bread...just us girls.

#49 Cheese Straws

Today's recipe seemed like it would be super-easy.  It called for a package of pre-made puff pastry.  A little paprika and freshly shredded parmesan.

As much as I hated zesting oranges at Easter, grating this cheese was about 10 times more awful than that.

Other than the zesting that took forever, this was an easy one.  Mostly folding and flattening.

I had to make these in two batches, so here's a before and after.  Not sure why they untwisted, though.  That said, I don't care that much.

They tasted kind of like Cheez-it.  Which was better than I expected.  I thought they might taste like all the cheese straws I've been served before and be disgusting.  Prior to this, I would say I hate cheese straws.  My grandma loved them!

Here's some cheesy music for you.

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