Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Gilbert Grape Eating?

"I'm having a birthday party, but you're not invited, but you can come if you want." - Arnie Grape

#42  Grape and Golden Raisin Bread

Here's the story of this bread from 100 Great Breads by Paul Hollywood:
"This bread was inspired by a friend of mine, Chris Davies, an avid cook who wanted an unusual bread for his dinner guests.  I think it did the trick!"

Grapes...  Grapes.  Grapes?

Yeah, I thought it was pretty weird when I read it, but I really like grapes so I ran to the grocery and grabbed some grapes so I could get baking.

As I was mixing this dough, I started to get the feeling that it was a little too tight and was never going to allow for the mixing in of the raisins and grapes.  I was right.  Here's the little guy.  It was supposed to be a flattened ball...

"Match in the gas tank, *boom* *boom*!" - Arnie

See how it didn't mix?  Not good.

After baking, that's what it looked like.  The raisins puff up and burn really quickly.  The grapes, on the other hand, were amazing.  They were like little jelly capsules.  Yum!

This bread was delicious!

If I do this again I'll leave out the raisins and add more water so that the grapes will mix in better.

"Good night to you but not me." - Arnie

All quotes from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

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