Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Russia with Love

"You look surprised. I thought you expected me."

#43 Kulich

This bread is a Russian Easter bread, traditionally in a tall cylindrical shape à la this:

I got this picture from  It's accompanied by a recipe that is a little different from the one that I used.

I had to zest more fruit for this recipe.  2 oranges and 2 lemons.  And while it smells fantastic, I have realized that I don't particularly like cooked orange and lemon zest.

"Ah, the old game: give a wolf a taste and then leave him hungry. My friend, she's got you dangling."

My kitchen smelled all cakey because of the vanilla extract.

This dough didn't go exactly the way I expected, since it was supposed to be a cakey bread and I didn't know that.

The recipe said to line 2 flowerpots or pans and since I have no flowerpots I had to kind of guess what kind of pan he was looking for.

Obviously, this doesn't look at all like the one at the top.  I did a search and found one picture of a loaf style one that looked kind of like mine.

It tasted ok, but I will never make this again.  I think it's mostly the cooked zest.

This video features a former teacher of mine, Galina Panova, dancing at the Oscars.  She's from Russia and I love her dancing!

"Be still! Ahh... back to the saltmines!"

All quotes from "From Russia with Love".

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