Sunday, October 24, 2010


#5!  It's Pita Bread!  That world-wide favorite and wonderfully dairy-free wheat masterpiece!

Ok so this bread was pretty simple...but there was the weirdness of heating the pans (including the parchment paper on them) before putting the dough on.  This resulted in a burnt smell emanating from the oven which, of course, I am used to from previous baking tasks but was a little worrying since I had been doing so well as of late.  (Everything turned out fine.)

Also there was the instruction that the recipe makes "about 7".  About 7?  About 7?  Is that 6 or 8?  Or does that actually mean 7?  I went with 8...because even numbers are much easier to cut the dough into.  In hindsight, I should have made 6.  These are tiny pita breads I have made.

(As you might have noticed, I ate half of that one...It was wonderful!)

Simple as this recipe might have seemed, I discovered that there were some other problematic things.  The bread went from not cooked and super-pale to a pretty tan (but too dark, I think) and cooked in about 1 minute.  Also, I had to work in batches because I didn't have the oven space needed to bake them all at once.  The final problem was that the recipe said that the bread would balloon up then collapse to give you the "pockets" which did not happen.  I think this might be because the pieces were just too small.  I will definitely make more of this so I guess I can modify next time.

By the way, I wanted to say thanks for reading to everyone out there!

Today's title is a quote from "Man on Fire".  Special thanks to my best college roomie for getting me to watch this darn good movie.

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