Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get more snatch by the batch...

This line kept repeating in my head while I was working on my latest bread.

Batch Bread.

For this recipe I had to make superfine sugar (or SUPAfine! as I like to think of it) because my regular grocery store does not carry it.  But thanks to some internet searching, I found out that you really just have to put some regular granulated sugar in a food processor and buzz it.  Of course this did not go as easily as that might sound.  The food processor was not working, so I decided to try using the blender and while making sure it was completely dry inside I cut my finger on the blade (genius, I know).

Et Voila!  (Which is not really appropriate for this 18th century English bread...but whatever.)

In other news,  after turning the temp down from 400° to 375° and keeping the bread in the right amount of time we have a bread that is cooked through and only slightly burned on the bottom.

It doesn't even taste burnt.  It tastes and smells kind of heavenly.

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  1. This must be the one Dad liked so much. It looks really good.