Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"You've got a date with justice, One-Eyed Bart!"

#65 Potato and Dill Bread

This bread was pretty easy to make and not that time-consuming even though the dough had to rise overnight.  Unlike most of the other overnight breads the dough was completely finished before it rested.

The most time-consuming part was cooking the potatoes.  I had to boil potatoes then let them cool.  Next, I had to cut the potatoes into quarters.  Then, I had to fry them in a little olive oil and butter (I actually used Earthbalance Original, making this recipe vegan).  Finally, I had to let the potatoes cool again then put them onto the dough.

The dill was sprinkled on top of everything.

"F.A.O. my Schwartz!"

While the bread was cooling on the stovetop, I decided to taste-test the potatoes that fell off during the baking process.  They were delicious!  The triple-cooking method made them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Here's the bread:

It was very good!  It was my dinner tonight.  I tried the the second piece with hot sauce, barbeque sauce and sweet hot mustard and it really just got better tasting.  The bread was nice and crusty  with a super-soft inside.  I didn't look anything like the picture in the book, but I really didn't care because it tasted so good.

Good Night, all.  And remember, "Hay un amigo en mi".

All quotes are from Toy Story 3.

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